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DIY Solar Wiring Diagrams for Campers, Vans & RVs

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DIY Solar Wiring Diagrams for Campers, Vans & RVs

This blog post is an index of ALL of the DIY solar wiring diagrams for campers, vans & RVs you can find here on There are several options below to choose from. There are varying sizes of systems and this list is constantly changing and expanding to fit your needs. All of the diagrams below feature:

  • Lithium Battery Bank Storage
  • Ability to Power Devices via Shore Power
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Shore Power
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Solar Panels
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Vehicle Alternator
  • Ability to Run both 12V and 120V Appliances
  • Applications for DIY Campers, 30A OEM RVs & 50A OEM RVs

How to Best Use This Page – (Video)

This video will show you how to best use this page. Although this page is just an index of all of the wiring diagrams, it’s always helpful to have a bit of a page orientation as you are looking for the right diagram for your needs:

DIY Camper Solar Wiring Diagrams

The following diagrams will get you well on your way to getting your camper prepared for off-grid adventures. There are several diagrams below for various applications of, not only ground-up DIY campers but also OEM RV retrofits. Each of the following diagrams are high end diagrams using primarily Battle Born Lithium Batteries and Victron Energy Components. The solar array size is incredibly flexible depending on the roof space you have available. Check them out and leave any questions/comments you have in the comments section below.

Not sure what size you need? Start with a power audit here:

If you are looking for old wiring diagrams you can find those here:

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Sunday 4th of April 2021

I am just starting to convert my Sprinter van into a modest camper van for dog shows. I purchased a rooftop airconditioner (9000BTU) Coleman low profile, and I also have a Westinghouse iPro2500 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator - 2200 Rated Watts and 2500 Peak Watts, a 2000 watt Renogy inverter/charger, 2 sets of 300 watt solar panels, a 30 amp plug for installing so I can access shore power or my generator if needed, a Renogy Rover 30 Amp 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller Battery Regulator, and because I need to keep my costs under control, I purchased 3 WEIZE 75AH AGM batteries to wire in parallel. I also have a 12 volt temperature controlled rooftop fan. I only plan to have 3 receptacles and the highest wattage for those will be a 700 watt microwave. No heated water tank etc. I prefer to keep it simple and will only run fans and low voltage stuff. What is your best wiring diagram for me to purchase? Thank you for your assistance.

Thabo Francis Lekalakala

Friday 2nd of April 2021

Hi this is wonderful I like solar wiring diagram of yours


Thursday 1st of April 2021

Hi Nate,

My wife and I have recently bought a school bus to transform it into a tiny home on wheels! We are super excited for this journey but we are also super nervous! Our problem is that we don't know how much solar to use for our battery bank. We bought 800 Ah in batteries but your diagrams only reach up to 600 Ah. We are looking to see if you have any guidance for families just starting on this journey like us! @rollwithbus

Brian Ó'hÚrdail

Thursday 1st of April 2021

Hi Love your site, very helpful and informative. I'm rewiring a 1989 VW T25/T3 Westfalia Vanagon campervan for off-grid use. My power demands are minimal. I have 120 Watt solar panel and 2 x 80Ah AGM leisure batteries. I will upgrade to LiFePO4 in a year or so, probably self-built. I'd like DC2DC charging from existing, non-smart, alternator. I would like option to charge batteries from 230V 50Hz shore power. The bus already has an external socket for this. I would prefer to use all Victron gear as this is reliable and 'bluetoothable' . Can you recommend a wiring diagram I could use or adapt? Keep up the good work Kindest regards Brian

Pedro rodriguez

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Just built a house back home in the Dominican Republic grid is kind of far so the company is charging to much so for now what could i built that could run my security system and some lights at night time plus internet any help I appreciate it thanks