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DIY Solar Wiring Diagrams for Campers, Vans & RVs

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DIY Solar Wiring Diagrams for Campers, Vans & RVs

This blog post is an index of ALL of the DIY solar wiring diagrams for campers, vans & RVs you can find here on There are several options below to choose from. There are varying sizes of systems and this list is constantly changing and expanding to fit your needs. All of the diagrams below feature:

  • Lithium Battery Bank Storage
  • Ability to Power Devices via Shore Power
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Shore Power
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Solar Panels
  • Ability to Charge the Battery Bank via Vehicle Alternator
  • Ability to Run both 12V and 120V Appliances
  • Applications for DIY Campers, 30A OEM RVs & 50A OEM RVs

How to Best Use This Page – (Video)

This video will show you how to best use this page. Although this page is just an index of all of the wiring diagrams, it’s always helpful to have a bit of a page orientation as you are looking for the right diagram for your needs:

DIY Camper Solar Wiring Diagrams

The following diagrams will get you well on your way to getting your camper prepared for off-grid adventures. There are several diagrams below for various applications of, not only ground-up DIY campers but also OEM RV retrofits. Each of the following diagrams are high end diagrams using primarily Battle Born Lithium Batteries and Victron Energy Components. The solar array size is incredibly flexible depending on the roof space you have available. Check them out and leave any questions/comments you have in the comments section below.

Not sure what size you need? Start with a power audit here:

If you are looking for old wiring diagrams you can find those here:

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Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Hey Nate,

I have a couple questions regarding the breaker I should use between the panels and the charge controller. I eventually plan on having 1000w of solar on the roof and using your MPPT calculator in addition to Victron’s I have purchased the 150/70 MPPT. Now, also according to your calculator it says that I can expect to see 58.8 amps going into the charge controller (using specs from the panels im looking to get).

SO, with the potential of 58.8 amps running through the cable from the roof to the controller and using your fuse calculator, I believe I'll need to step up the cable (probably going to run 2awg) and also expect to use a 80a breaker. Does this seem correct? Thanks for your help.

- Nick


Tuesday 16th of February 2021

@Nate Yarbrough, Interesting. Its five 200W panels in parallel. Newpowa model on amazon. Perhaps I listed something wrong using your handy calculator?

Nate Yarbrough

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Basically, with an array amperage that high, you will need to use something like this: I do think something has gone wrong in your solar array planning, though... That array amperage is REALLY high. I always shoot to have array amperages under 30A so I can simply use MC4 connectors, fuses, and a single breaker. I would HIGHLY recommend re-working your solar array plan so that the array is under 30A. This will likely mean wiring in series or series-parallel depending on the specific panels and number of panels you are trying to use.


Saturday 13th of February 2021

Dude I love your videos. That you have a sence of humor is appreciated. Im a dhmbass. Ive watched cou tless videos. Your the best at what ypu do. I just want more than i need if that makes sence. I have 2 currently bu may buy twp more 180 watt panemls.No idea what size charge controller to get. 12 volt system (victron)? Is amp hrs simply shown on batteries? MPPT PLEASE. 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 BATERIES? WHAT SIZE INVERTER 3000 OR 4000? RATHER HAVE TOP MUCH THAN TOO LITTLE CALL ME I BEG YOU. TEXT ME ON WHATS APP OR SIGNAL DELOYBURBANK@ NUCLEUS.COM THANK YOU.SO MUCH


Friday 12th of February 2021

Love your channel and blogs! Looking to install my 1st solar system in my 5th wheel. Although I'm somewhat of an amateur, looking for clarification on programing. Currently have 2x 6v wet batterys (series) but get a little bit lost with "bulk, absorption and float" charging rates. I believe that these values would be different then that of 2x 12v in parallel? Have any in-depth information on this? Can't afford the li-ion yet 🤣


Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

Hi Nate, great write ups on solar. I recently purchased 2x 48v 420 watt solar panels, I want to run on my rv. I figure parallel would be best, yes/no? If parallel, could 10ga wire with mc4 connectors handle the combined panel current of (10.7amp x 2)= 21.4Amps. I thinks the wire is rated for 40 amps. Also trying to find a cost effective mppt charge controller. 48v rated/ 60 amp mppt, max 100/150v controller. Thoughts on controllers, parallel vs series? It'll be charging 4x (6v)batteries in a 12v configuration.

David Blood

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

Nate: I called BB batteries and ordered my system using your 30 amp solar/alternator schematic. Since I dont plan on using more than 400 watts of solar, BB recommended that I buy the lesser 100/30 charge controller, rather than the 150/100 as spec'd on your diagram. Will this be a mistake or problem down the road? I plan on subscribing to your monthly consulting service once the eqpt arrives and weather clears so that I can start building. Thank you! ~Dave Blood, Camino, CA

Nate Yarbrough

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

I have the 100|30 recommended in the "400 Watts - 4x100W Solar Panels - 12V Battery Bank" solar parts list at the bottom of this blog post: Under the "Solar Charging Parts List & Wiring Diagrams" header.