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Best Fuses & Fuse Holders for a DIY Camper Electrical Install

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Best Fuses & Fuse Holders for a DIY Camper Electrical Install

Fuses are a vital piece of safety equipment in any electrical system. Fuses protect the wire from an overcurrent event such as an electrical short or from trying to push too much power through too small of a wire. This blog post will teach you what type of fuse you need for your DIY camper electrical install.

Cheap vs Expensive Fuses

In the past, I’ve recommended very inexpensive fuses. They worked for a while and many people had good luck with them. Recently (since February 2020), both myself and the tech support team at Battle Born Batteries who I work closely with have seen an increasing number of quality control issues on these non-name-brand fuses that are so common on Amazon. These problems revolve largely around the fuse getting too hot under normal use. This would cause the fuse holder to melt, loosen, and cause the system to stop working.

So… if you wish to save some money and test your luck with these inexpensive fuses and fuse holders; that is your prerogative; but I can no longer recommend “no-name” fuses and fuse holders on So, the following list will include only fuses and holders from Blue Sea, Littelfuse, Bussman, Eaton, Spartan Power or similar that have, at least some kind of testing agency certification or code compliancy recognition (UL, ABYC, ROhS, etc).

How Big of a Fuse do I Need for [My Device]

This blog post is more about the various TYPES of fuses and not necessarily how to choose the sizes. If you want a more in-depth blog post & video that will teach you how to size a fuse, you can click here for the specific blog post on that topic:

Best Fuses & Fuse Holders for a DIY Camper Electrical Install

This list will show you the various types of fuses you will encounter during your DIY camper electrical install and teach you which ones are right for what purposes.

Using Mismatched Solar Panel Sizes
50A OEM RV Solar Retrofit Wiring Diagram


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Nate, Why have you moved away from using the copper DIY bus bars? Richard


Thursday 8th of April 2021

Hi Nate, Blue Sea, Bussman, Littlefuse.... these well known manufactures don't seem to make AMG MEGA fuses that are smaller than 100 amps. I purchased the Lynks Distributor according to your diagrams, and need the 60 amp and 80 amp size MEGA fuses to fuse the solar charger and the 12V load distribution. The inverter uses a 300 Amp fuse so that's fine. So can you recommend another brand that sells these smaller size fuses? I found one on Amazon, but the name was not on your recommended list so am still hesitant in buying them.


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

Hi Nate. I know there are a lot of options, so it would be tiring to cover them all, but is there some reason you didn't include Midi fuses as an option? The ANL fuses are space hogs, but doable if there is a good reason to prefer them. The Midi fuse holders from Bussman can be put together nice and tight, so they look like a good option to consider. Blue Seas Systems also has a Midi fuse block that combines Midi and spade fuses in one box.

Nate Yarbrough

Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

I don't have a system/diagram at that used MIDI fuses; so they didn't make the list here. Those are good too, though, if you have a use for them in your system design.


Sunday 14th of February 2021

Hi Nate! Thank you for all of the information; I’m enjoying exploring the site. I intend to use a strictly DC system initially: Ceiling fan, puck lights, cell phone charging, maybe a small fan. It there a blade fuse holder box you recommend? I think the WFCO distribution panel is far more than I need, but I don’t want to skimp on anything electrical!

Nate Yarbrough

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Yep! For DC only, I'd recommend this:

Ken Girdley

Monday 8th of February 2021

Hi Nate, One of the solar installers on a FB group I belong to is recommending a 400A Class T fuse instead of a 400A ANL fuse at the battery bank. I have already purchased the ANL fuse and holder but am willing to buy a Class T fuse and holder if you think I should. I trust your judgement more that any of the installers in the FB group and would appreciate your input.

Nate Yarbrough

Monday 8th of February 2021

Both ANL and Class T Fuses have Ampere Interrupting capacity high enough to be used as the main fuse at the battery bank as per ABYC E-11 Table IV:

I recommend ANL fuses as the main fuse in ALL of my diagrams & parts lists found at as they satisfy the aforementioned requirement and the are a little less expensive than Class T fuses. (Note: High Quality ANL Fuses & Fuse Holders like Blue Sea, LittelFuse, or Bussman are HIGHLY recommended and are listed on each of the diagrams from the previous link.)