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Wire Sizing Calculator

Wire Size Calculator –

This calculator does NOT supersede manufacturers’ recommendations. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s recommended wire and fuse sizes when provided.

This calculator is set up to be used with high-quality stranded wire with a 105 degree C temperature rating only.

This calculator is for DC circuits only and is NOT to be used to size 120V or 240V AC circuits.


Unless you otherwise know why leave the allowable voltage drop at 3%.

ABYC specifies a max of 3% voltage drop for all critical loads and up to 10% voltage drop for all non-critical loads.


Wire Buying Guide

ImageProductLinkWire SizeType
16 AWG Red Wire16 AWGRed Wire
16 AWG Black Wire16 AWGBlack Wire
16 AWG Duplex Wire16 AWGDuplex Wire
14 AWG Red Wire14 AWGRed Wire
14 AWG Black Wire14 AWGBlack Wire
14 AWG Duplex Wire14 AWGDuplex Wire
14 AWG Triplex Wire14 AWGTriplex Wire
12 AWG Red Wire12 AWGRed Wire
12 AWG Black Wire12 AWGBlack Wire
12 AWG Red Solar Wire12 AWGRed Solar Wire
12 AWG Black Solar Wire12 AWGBlack Solar Wire
12 AWG Duplex Wire12 AWGDuplex Wire
12 AWG Triplex Wire12 AWGTriplex Wire
10 AWG Red Wire10 AWGRed Wire
10 AWG Black Wire10 AWGBlack Wire
10 AWG Red Solar Wire10 AWGRed Solar Wire
10 AWG Black Solar Wire10 AWGBlack Solar Wire
10 AWG Duplex Wire10 AWGDuplex Wire
10 AWG Triplex Wire10 AWGTriplex Wire
8 AWG Red Wire8 AWGRed Wire
8 AWG Black Wire8 AWGBlack Wire
8 AWG Duplex Wire8 AWGDuplex Wire
6 AWG Red Wire6 AWGRed Wire
6 AWG Black Wire6 AWGBlack Wire
6 AWG Duplex Wire6 AWGDuplex Wire
6 AWG Triplex Wire6 AWGTriplex Wire
6 AWG 4-Conductor Wire6 AWG4-Conductor Wire
4 AWG Red Wire4 AWGRed Wire
4 AWG Black Wire4 AWGBlack Wire
2 AWG Red Wire2 AWGRed Wire
2 AWG Black Wire2 AWGBlack Wire
1/0 Red Wire1/0Red Wire
1/0 Black Wire1/0Black Wire
2/0 Red Wire2/0Red Wire
2/0 Black Wire2/0Black Wire
3/0 Red Wire3/0Red Wire
3/0 Black Wire3/0Black Wire
4/0 Red Wire4/0Red Wire
4/0 Black Wire4/0Black Wire