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12V Camper Branch Circuits – Parts & Components

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12V Camper Branch Circuits – Parts & Components

This list will show you some of the more common parts and pieces necessary to wire all of the 12V branch circuits in your camper.

24V - 6000W - 120V/240V Split Phase Camper Solar Wiring Diagram
2000w INVERTER | 200-400Ah Lithium | 200W-520W SOLAR Camper Wiring Diagram


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

I am getting ready to rewire my 1986 Airstream Sovereign and I keep having a thought that I can't reconcile. I would like my batteries to be able to charge off of my truck while in transit in order to keep the fridge running on longer road trips. How do I tie that into the charging system on my Progressive Dynamics PD4045CSV?

Dominic Spada Skinner

Sunday 21st of February 2021

Like the site, living in indiana it's hard to find anything on solar

Brenda Tharp

Friday 12th of February 2021

Heh Nate, I thought I would point out that in the description under the Triplex white, you talk about putting red shrink tubing on the 'green and wire wire', when I believe you meant 'green and white wire'. I was trying to find a way to message you privately on this but there wasn't a way. Thought you'd like to know so you could correct that. A novice reading it may not 'get' it! cheers.


Sunday 7th of February 2021

Hi Nate,

I am looking at a company that designs kits for vans based on Victron products but does not recommend or include marine grade wire. Does it really matter?

Thanks, Sherry

Nate Yarbrough

Monday 8th of February 2021

I recommend marine grade wire because it has meets all of the electrical standards/codes of the ABYC, NEC, and UL 1426 for marine applications. The only difference between a boat and a camper from a wiring standpoint is that boats need to have tinned wire since they will be exposed to a salty/humid environment. I have not been able to find a non-tinned wire that meets all of those needs for smaller gauge wire like you are looking at on this page. Welding wire can be used for the larger wire (like I have speced out in my diagrams at

If your builder is trying to use speaker wire or Romex for these wires, those are specifically forbidden by the ABYC and your builder is trying to cut corners.


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Hi there Nate. Just went on your site after finding you on YouTube. I was hoping to buy the full system you installed for Andy Rawls, no the battery's of course and have them shipped to Australia, don't know if possible but would be great if you could. Or at least buy your schematics and get information on where to purchase the parts needed collectively or separately? No Matter, you have been more than informative on the whole solar thing best I have come across.



Nate Yarbrough

Thursday 28th of January 2021

Hey Hugh! Here is the blog post for that: