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Victron Lynx Adapters (Pair)

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Victron Lynx Adapters (Pair)


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This 3/4″ x 1/4″ Copper Bar is sized to connect two pieces of gear together as spec’d on the wiring diagrams:

  • Victron BMV-712 Shunt to Negative Terminal of Lynx Distributor.
  • Master Battery Disconnect to Positive Terminal of Lynx Distributor.

This product is for a PAIR of Lynx Adapters so you can connect BOTH your BMV Shunt AND the master battery disconnect to the Lynx Distributor. If you are only using one Lynx distributor in your system, you only need qty: 1 for a pair of these adapters.

If item shows as ‘In Stock’, it will ship out in 2-3 business days via UPS ground (Generally 2-3 day shipping) THIS PRODUCT OUT OF STOCK UNTIL ~AUGUST 9TH 2021


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × .75 in

10 reviews for Victron Lynx Adapters (Pair)

  1. Brandon

    Hi Nate,

    I’m using a Lynx Distributor and a BMV-712 shunt. When I attached them to my wall, I noticed the shunt and Lynx are not the same height. This means the copper bar won’t sit flush as is shown in your photo above. I’ve searched and searched and haven’t been able to find any info regarding this. I must be missing something. Do you add a little spacer under the shunt?

    Thanks for all of your amazing material!

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Yeah, a few washers as spacers under the shunt as necessary will bring it up to flush.

  2. Ken (verified owner)

    I’m grateful for all the resources you offer – and have ordered a set of these.

    I can’t seem to find the size of the bolt (so I can order the correct lug size) – can you help please, Nate?

    • Nate Yarbrough

      You’ll want a 5/16″ lug to fit on this.

  3. Jason Brion

    Hi Nate I really appreciate your videos and diagrams. They have helped me a ton. I don’t believe your adapters or the lynx distributer come with the bolts, washers and nuts to connect the the two together. Do you have any recommendations? Material and length?

    • Nate Yarbrough

      The Lynx Adapters do indeed come with the hardware (bolts, nuts, washers & lock washers).

  4. AZ Hiker (verified owner)

    Hi, Nate. Thank you so much for all this information! Regarding these adapters, would this pair work as well?
    They’re currently in stock.

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Nope. If you can’t wait for the ones from me, you can make your own from 1/4″ x 3/4″ copper bar or by using wire & lugs.

    • Nate Yarbrough

      That is the fuse attached to the vehicle starting battery protecting the wire going to the DC DC charger.

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    Hey, I just used all your affiliate links for a 3000w Inverter camper set up. Happy to support, great info! Only thing I couldn’t get was your VICTRON LYNX ADAPTERS (PAIR). If they aren’t going to be in stock soon, any substitute item I can purchase? Thanks!

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Those will be back in stock soon (estimating by 1/5/21). Or you can use wire to make those connections as well.

    • Ken (verified owner)

      @Nate Yarbrough, any Idea when they will be back in stock ? today is 1-28-2021 says out of stock, Thank you

      • Nate Yarbrough

        Estimating by the end of next week.

  6. Adam Hartsough

    Hi, Nate
    I ordered the adapters on around Jan. 7th but have not received them. UPS tracking shows you sent and should have arrived on the 12th. Thanks

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Hey Adam! Would you send me an email with your tracking info so I can look into this for you?

  7. Calvin

    Hi Nate,

    I have the same problem as Steve in that I ordered a pair and am also in Canada (at the time there was no US only). I’ll also use some short 4/0 wire instead.


    • Nate Yarbrough

      Hey Calvin! Sorry for the mixup. I just processed the refund for your order.

  8. Steve Perron

    Hi Nate,
    I have ordered a pair of adapters January 5th, but I just saw that you don’t delivered outside of the US (I’m from Canada). I don’t remember seeing this message the day I ordered. Will you ship the adapters anyway, or you’ll issue a refund?

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Hey Steve, Sorry about that. I have refunded your order and you should see that back in your bank account soon. I am not set up to ship orders internationally at this time. Also, Sorry I missed that. You selected “Free Shipping for Wiring Diagrams” for shipping which does not come to my order fulfillment page as there is nothing for me to ship with wiring diagrams.

    • Steve Perron

      @Nate Yarbrough, thx for the refund. Sorry I missed the shipping step… since I won’t have the bar, can I use short 4/0 wires with lugs instead?

      • Nate Yarbrough

        No worries! Yes; I would recommend 4/0 wire in that location instead.

  9. Jesse

    Hi Nate,

    I’m a bit confused. I was looking to make this same piece out of a copper bar but didn’t want to spend money on large lengths of copper flat bar and remembered that you made these. Thinking I’d just purchase what I needed from you, I came here.

    But your description says 3/4″ wide by 1/4″ thick copper – which from my research doesn’t have the ampacity to match the shunt (500A) or the lynx distributor bus (1000A). Is there a reason you want a smaller ampacity on this connection? It looks to me that if you wanted to use 1/4″ material you would need about 1.5″ width; alternatively if you wanted the smaller width of 3/4″ you would need something just over 3/8″ in thickness.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nate Yarbrough

      1/4″ x 3/4″ copper has the same amount of copper in it as 4/0 wire; so these adapters can be used when the incoming power supplied from the battery bank is via a single set of 4/0 wires (Or smaller). If wire larger than 4/0 or multiple 4/0 wires need to be used to supply adequate amperage, these adapters will not work and a Lynx Power In and a Lynx Shunt should be used.

    • Jesse

      @Nate Yarbrough,

      My bad. Rookie mistake not even making that connection that when I wrote the question. Thanks for the quick reply!

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