Vlog: Chasing AdVANtures Premier and Winter Plans

Chasing AdVANture Premier and Winter Plans

While visiting San Diego, we got to see the Premier of Chasing AdVANture! We also discuss some of our winter plans in this recap.

Chasing AdVANtures

We had the opportunity to visit the GoPro headquarters and see the premier of Chris Benchetler's Chasing AdVANtures. If we weren't already stoked about ski season, that certainly put the icing on the cake. We also got to tour Chris' rad adventure mobile, The Stealthy Marmot, which may or may not be a tad more rad than our van…

 Winter is Coming…

Our winter plans include: skiing, telling skiing stories, more skiing, more stories. Got it? Good! Check out the video for more details and how you can (perhaps) help us out!



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