#Vanlife Q&A

#Vanlife Q&A: You Asked!

We've had a lot of questions asked recently about how we live in our van, logistics of van living, and all sorts of lifestyle related questions. Find out our answers below!

Van Living Logistics

Here are some of the questions we cover in this video. For the detailed answers, be sure to check out the video above! And for more products that make our van life easier, check out our #vanlife kit HERE.

  • Q: What do you do for heat in the cold?
    • We have yet to be in extreme cold (winter temps) but we plan to install a diesel heater in the van soon.
  • Q: Do you use baby wipes or wet wipes at all?
  • Q: Do you ever get bored? Watch TV or movies online?
    • We did catch up on Game of Thrones last month, but other than that we've not watched any TV or movies. 
  • Q: Do you think you’ll ever take a break from van life or stop altogether?
    • Absolutely. We are not the type to become complacent or stick to one lifestyle for long periods of time. We'll be happy if we stay in the van for 5 years, but even that isn't a guarantee.
  • Q: Do you have certain places that you want to travel, or do you have a time frame in mind of when you’ll stop, if ever?
    • We literally want to travel everywhere. While we know this isn't possible in a lifetime, we want to cover as much ground as possible. What that means is that the van life won't be the only means of transportation forever.
  • Q: Does adding to your family come into play at all?
    • At the moment, no. We have no plans of having children.
  • Q: Will you stay in warm climates in the winter or stay in a house?
    • This winter we will be skiing, and our plans are up in the air. Check out this video where we went more in detail.
  • Q: Do you ever get bored of each other and want other human interaction?
    • Much to the dismay of some viewers, no, we have yet to get bored of each other. Of course, we do have other human interaction on a very regular basis. We meet lots of wonderful people on the road who greatly enhance our lives.
  • Q: How do you get internet service on the road?
    • Through our phone plan with AT&T, we have unlimited data. Our WeBoost 4G Booster has made getting cell signal very reliable. I'm writing this via my laptop tethered to my cell phone hotspot right now.
  • Q: How do you get mail when you are traveling?
    • This is kind of a two-part question. For paper mail, we have a great virtual mail service,, that scans in our mail and uploads it to their platform. If I need the physical copy, I can have them forward it to any address of my choosing (friends, family, or a general delivery post office). If it's a check, they send it to my bank for me. We've used them for nearly 2 years and have loved the service.
    • The second part of this question is packages. Packages pose more of an issue because we need a physical address to send them. If we will be coming to an area that we have friends or family, that's pretty easy to send packages to them. Amazon Lockers have also been a life changer as they become more widely available. Otherwise, it's an ordeal of figuring out the method of delivery, then determining where we will be when the package is set to arrive, then finding a general delivery service. Check out the video for a better (ish?) explanation of how we receive packages.

We have a long list of more questions that we will cover soon, but if you have any specific questions we haven't covered yet, feel free to drop them in the comments and we will put them on our list. We appreciate everyone's questions and will get to them all eventually!



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