Our Van Life Story

Why Did We Really Choose the Van Life?

We get asked all the time why we live in a van. No, really…why do you live in a van? It MUST be deeper than the pretty Instagram pictures, right? Well, our story about why we chose the van life is indeed deeper than instagram pictures, but it's an emotionally draining story to tell…but we have waited long enough. It's time to tell that story.

Our Van Life Story

While it is a difficult story for us to talk about, we felt like it was necessary to share with all of you the real reason behind our nomadic lifestyle. Losing Nate's Dad to cancer was a huge wakeup call for us to start living life for today instead of hoping for adventures later in life. We all have different reasons for choosing the lifestyle we have. And no one way is right or wrong, just different like we all are!



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