Vlog Update: Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving of Nomads

One tough thing to plan for while living as nomads is holidays. We rarely know very far in advance where we will be, so we have to be okay with being away from friends and family during some holidays. However, we happened to be with family over Thanksgiving, and it was a spectacular holiday!

Thanksgiving Day with Van Lifers

When we lived in a house, Steph always enjoyed cooking and entertaining for friends. So for the last two years, this is something she has really missed doing – and takes every opportunity she gets to cook a big meal in a real kitchen!

This year for Thanksgiving, we were in San Diego and spent the day with Steph's Grandma, who hadn't had a ‘proper' Thanksgiving meal in a few years. So this year was very special to us to be able to spend time with such a wonderful woman in our lives. Steph pulled out all the stops for Thanksgiving Day – appetizers and beers during the day, and a full Thanksgiving meal served in the evening.

Putting The Van Back in the Shop

After Thanksgiving, we began making our plans to head back to Oklahoma for Christmas and the winter time gear swap out. But with the van still having issues with the wheel speed sensor, we had to put it back in the shop to get that fixed. Driving halfway across the country with no cruise control or traction control would be neither safe nor fun! So while we had a safe and comfortable place to stay at Steph's grandma's house, we took the van in to get that fixed and get us back on the road.

Birthday Celebrations!

For a last hoorah in California before setting out for Oklahoma, we celebrated Steph's Grandma's 96th birthday! She was thrilled to have us over, and we got her some of her favorite barbecue ribs and a little cupcake to celebrate. Good times with family.

Van Life

Van life, to some, means adventures every day and often missing family functions. But the beauty of van life for us is the flexibility it allows us, and sometimes forces upon us, in our lives.

Sometimes, it's nice as nomads and adventurers to be able to step back and enjoy time with family. Even in the midst of repairs on the van and craziness in our lives, having the flexibility to be in San Diego during Thanksgiving and Grandma's birthday is something we are very thankful for. 

We're now making our way to Oklahoma for the Christmas holidays, so stay tuned for more! Be sure to subscribe below to stay current!



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