Camper Van Solar Busbar for 2/0 Wire



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This is the busbar I have taught you how to make here:

If you don’t really know what this is for, I encourage you to check out that video and also look at the wiring diagrams at to see how this fits into a Camper Van Electrical System.

THIS BUSBAR IS FOR: systems where the inter-battery wires and the wires from the batteries to the inverter are 2/0 or smaller.  If you want me to make you one of these for 4/0 wire equivalent, please email me at so I can come up with a price and create a product page for that item.

THIS BUSBAR DOES NOT INCLUDE Lugs, Fuses or the Victron BMV-712 (The shunt, small wire, data cable, and gauge).  The Victron BMV-712 will either be included with your component package from BattleBorn or will need to be purchased separately if you are not purchasing one of the kits from Battle Born.  

Currently, please allow for 3 weeks’ lead time.  At the current time, I am assessing demand for the production of these and are, therefore, currently, made to order.  I do have a few on hand that can ship out quickly, but to be safe, please allow me 3 weeks to get these to you.



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