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300-600Ah Battery Bank – 600w-1200w Solar – 3000w Inverter – DC-DC Charger Wiring Diagram



This is a High-Resolution PDF of the wiring diagram found here:

If you’re looking for a wiring diagram that is more zoom-in / print-off friendly than what is in the above link, this is what you are looking for.

3 reviews for 300-600Ah Battery Bank – 600w-1200w Solar – 3000w Inverter – DC-DC Charger Wiring Diagram

  1. Darek (verified owner)

    Hi Nate. I have two questions.
    1. I bought from your website diagram (300-600AH, 600-1200W Solar, 3000W Inverter) and I want to use this diagram for my camper. To avoid any manufacture (Mercedes) warranty problems I don’t want connect my house battery bank with alternator. Battery bank going to be charged just by solar panels or shore power. My question is, do I have to connect ground wire to chassis of my van? Can I connect ground wire just to negative battery terminal? If I will connect ground wire with chassis, can I have any car warranty problems in future?

    2. I planning install extra light bar on the roof in my van. How do you provide wires from roof of van to inside van? Solar cable entry looking with to big wire holes.

    Thank you,

    • Nate Yarbrough

      1: You need a chassis ground for GFCI outlets to function. I can’t speak for warranty issues, though.

      2: You can use wire glands ( in a DIY cable entry type of box (

  2. Mark Topping (verified owner)

    Hey Nate. Great tutorials. I’m going to buy your wiring diagram I believe for the 300-600 ah as I want to make sure I have enough power down the road. My question is how do you figure out what size system is right without going way overboard? I do understand it’s adding up all my electrical loads I will be putting in. I’m looking at a water heater, 2 burner induction cooktop,12 volt frig, webasto heater, on board compressor, airmaxx fan, possible AC unit in the future, and lighting and convenience 12 volt and 120v outlets.

    I am an electrician by trade but never in the solar and dc to ac conversation so I do have a fair amount of knowledge. I figured since you have it dialed in, why reinvent the wheel.

    I do plan on using all victron components with battle born and the 4 panel system by renogy. I do like the idea of the Bluetooth connected device to monitor the system so running the gauge for reading the status I’d like to leave out if possible.

    I do have all your products in my Amazon list for when I do start. Thanks for that.

    Anyway thanks again


    • Nate Yarbrough

      Sure! Here is a tutorial that will teach you how much battery capacity you will need based on your daily energy demands:

  3. John dugan (verified owner)

    What if i have a generator to hook up also with shore power. Go to buss bar before going into charge controller

    • Nate Yarbrough

      If this is a portable generator, you would just plug your shore power cord into the generator instead of the shore power pedestal.

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