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200-400Ah Battery Bank – Up to 700W Solar – 2000w Inverter – DC-DC Charger Wiring Diagram



This is a High-Resolution PDF of the wiring diagram found here:

If you’re looking for a wiring diagram that is more zoom-in / print-off friendly than what is in the above link, this is what you are looking for.


  1. Tom

    Hello. Can I replace the BMV-712 Shunt/monitor with the Victron Smart Shunt…

    • Nate Yarbrough


  2. Dan G. (verified owner)

    Nate, very happy to have stumbled on your website, drawings, and videos. All so very helpful. I purchased your drawing and printed it up big.

    Will this diagram as is, allow for a shore power only 13,500 BTU AC unit? Or will I have to bump up the MPPT to a 100/50? I have not yet decided on the AC unit but wanted to prewire and plan for a possible future addition.

    Many thanks,


    • Nate Yarbrough

      The shore power capacity is totally independent from the solar charge controller capacity. So as shown… this would indeed handle that AC unit when connected to shore power.

  3. Mike Langford (verified owner)

    Hi Nate,

    Why did you use 6/2 romex going back to the AC panel? I am putting the Victron 2000 in my 30 amp 5th wheel and will only have 30 amps coming in and it will be going to the 30 amp breaker main on the panel. I will limit the Victron to 30 amps in. I guess you were figuring it may go in to a 50 amp service? Can I get by with 10/2?


  4. Harry Newmarch (verified owner)

    I Purchased this wiring diagram but have not received the email with the link. Could you send it again please.

    • Nate Yarbrough

      Send me an email at and I’ll check into it for you and send it over.

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