Sprinter Maintenance: Replacing Shocks

Replacing Shocks on a 2007 Sprinter Van

Our van has about 220,000 miles on it, and we are pretty sure the shocks are original to the van. So, it is time for an upgrade in suspension on our 2007 Sprinter! We replaced the front and rear shocks in this week's Sprinter Maintenance video. 

When to Replace Shocks on a Sprinter Van

A much debated topic in mechanics, when to replace your shocks is really based on the wear and tear on your vehicle. Having an unusually bumpy or rocking vehicle when going over bumps is one way to tell that you need to replace your shocks. Our van had a lot of body roll, especially over bumpy roads, which indicated to us that we needed to replace the shocks. A rule of thumb is generally 50,000 miles, so ours was long past due at likely 225,000 miles. We aren't sure if the shocks had ever been replaced, but our guess is that they hadn't.

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Tuned Fox Shocks from Agile Offroad

After a bit of research on the best shocks for a Sprinter Van, we opted to purchase specifically tuned Fox Shocks from Agile Offroad for our rear shocks. Unfortunately, Agile Off-Road did not have any of the front shocks for our van in stock, so we opted to purchase Bilstein Shocks for the front shock absorbers.

NOTE FOR FRONT SHOCKS: Amazon shows that these Bilstein Shocks do not fit a 2007 Sprinter. However, their information is incorrect and the ones that are listed here DO, in fact, fit a 2007 – 2014 Sprinter 2500. If you are unsure, check the Bilstein website HERE.

Replacing Shocks on a Sprinter Van

Replacing the shocks was a pretty simple task, and the rear shocks were much simpler to replace than the front shocks, although neither were too difficult. If you can change a tire, you'll be able to handle this job. There are a total of just 10 bolts to remove between all 4 shock absorbers, 3 on each of the front and 2 on each of the rear shocks. And while you do need to remove the wheels on the front to replace those shocks, the rear shock absorbers can be replaced without even taking off the wheels.

Ride Improvement from Replacing Shocks

After we finished replacing the shocks on our Sprinter van, we immediately noticed a huge difference in the ride. After feeling how the van handles bumps and turns with the new shocks, we realized just how bad the old ones actually were! We'll be excited to take the van on some more bumpy roads to see just how much of an improvement it was, but overall we are already very happy with the upgrade. And for just around $600, this was money well spent!

Pssst! That Plasti-Dip has been on our van for a year now! This is how it held up!



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