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The 6 Ways We Make Money While Traveling Full-Time

The 6 Ways We Make Money While Traveling Full-Time


Contrary to “popular” belief *cough, Reddit, cough*, we are not trust fund kids.  Yes, we do have to work in order to maintain our lifestyle, but we are able to work from the road.  So long as we have internet connection and our laptops, we can work from anywhere.  This post is not going to be about us telling you how you can make money on the road; it’s just about how we have done it so far.  Maybe it will spur some ideas, maybe you’ll have more questions for us.  That’s great, ask away!  We hope this will inspire you to find your best path to a mobile lifestyle.

We’ve already covered how we save money to afford the van life.  In this post, we will be talking about all of the ways we make money on the road to travel full time.

Our Current Sources of Income

I run my own business financial consulting firm. My firm’s focus is on accounting and contract CFO services. We specialize in the cannabis and wellness (fitness facilities, personal care, etc) industries, providing budgeting and analytical guidance to business owners in these industries. I currently have two employees on staff who also work remotely and we have clients all throughout the United States. This allows me and my employees to work remotely 90% of the time, while the other 10% is spent flying to clients offices for in-person meetings.

Nate runs full time, focusing mainly on the website you’re reading this on as well as the Youtube channel. makes money from the ads you see on this page, affiliate revenue you’ll see sprinkled throughout the site, sponsored posts/videos, and Youtube ad revenue.

We also still own a house in Denver that we have been renting out since we hit the road. This doesn’t make much money on a month-to-month basis but is more of a long term investment.

How we’ve made money in the past

The way we make money now hasn’t always been the way we’ve made money. It’s REALLY important to understand our past life experiences to understand how we’ve gotten to where we are currently.

Wednesday 13th of September 2017