Getting Sick in 80 Square Feet

When You Live in a Van and Get Sick…

We knew it would happen sooner or later. One of us (Steph) caught a cold last week while we visited Red Rock Canyon. Inevitably, Nate caught it as well.

80 Square Feet of Coughs

While we typically live pretty healthy lives, I (Steph) have always been more prone to catching bugs than Nate. Typically, he is able to stay away from me long enough to not catch whatever I've caught, but we knew it would be more of a challenge while living in 80 square feet. Alas, we were right! It took just over 24 hours for Nate to catch this nasty cold, and we were out of commission for an entire week!

Now, any of you who know us personally know it takes a lot for us to stay in bed. Even the first day of the cold, we both continued working, and we contemplated still going for a hike. The second day of the cough, however, had us in bed with nothing but hot tea pulling us out from under the covers. 


It was an unfortunate week, as we stayed in Red Rock Canyon for 7 days and didn't get to see more than the inside of the Walgreens in nearby Pahrump, NV. The campsite we stayed at was gorgeous, but again, we didn't get to see much of that other than when we originally found the campsite.

While we didn't get to have an adventure or explore at all in Red Rock Canyon, we did get to catch up on some of our favorite shows on Netflix (basically anything by Marvel). And although we are bummed that we didn't get to see the area, we are fortunate that the illness wasn't worse and that we were able to fight it with some hot tea, hot toddies, and plenty of rest. Until our next adventure, here's a picture of Pyros being rather concerned at me sitting on the ground when I took her outside to stretch her legs…



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