DIY Camper Van Build

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How to Build a DIY Camper Van

We built our Sprinter Camper Van from the Ground up. Here are the steps we took and the projects we tackled:

5 thoughts on “DIY Camper Van Build”

  1. Hi. I’ve noticed you changed some gauges of wire since your original wiring diagram. Unfortunately I used the original diagram for wires sizes and your new wiring diagram for the rest of the components. Did you find that some wire sizes were insufficient so you upsized? Or is this purely because I’m looking at the 900w solar diagram and larger sized wires are needed. Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure which “original” diagram you’re referring to as there’s been about 6 versions since we got did the build. Nothing has been ‘dangerous’ though and if your system is already installed; just enjoy it. Any changes I’ve made to the diagrams aren’t worth going back and retroactively changing.

  2. I am looking to get your wiring diagram for the 400 watt solar install with BB 12volt batteries and the inverter etc…
    Thank you for putting together the video and documents

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