Interactive DIY Solar Wiring Diagrams for Campers, Van's & RV's

Solar Wiring Diagramsfor Campers, Camper Vans and RV's SOLAR WIRING DIAGRAM SURVEY The diagrams on this page are user-requested.  Help me to help you and let me know what solar setup you are working on by filling out this...

Goal Zero vs Kodiak vs DIY Camper Van Solar

WHAT IS A SOLAR GENERATOR? A solar generator is the marketing term for an all-in-one solar component package that can be charged via solar panels.  There are several different models on the market, but they are all fairly similar in function. They all, typically,...

Basic Parts of a DIY Camper Solar Setup

This post outlines all of the main parts and components of a DIY Camper Solar setup.

How to Design and Install Solar on a Camper Van

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about designing and installing a solar setup on your camper van, RV, or truck camper.

Choosing a Solar Battery Bank for a DIY Camper Van Conversion

Lithium vs AGM. As technology gets better, the prices get higher. Is the added cost worth it? Here's our thoughts:

How-To Change The Oil in a 2007 Sprinter Van

Changing the oil in a Sprinter is a straightforward process. Save some $$$ and do it yourself. Here's how:

What's included in a Sprinter Service A and Service B

Sprinter Service A? Sprinter Service B? What is included in those? This blog post will outline what's what so you can take it in to the dealer or do it yourself.

How to Replace the Shocks on a Sprinter Camper Van

Rock and roll. Good on the radio. Not so good for camper van handling. Here's how to replace the shocks on a Sprinter Camper Van:

Installing a 4g Cell Signal Booster on our DIY Camper Van Conversion

Since we work from the road, having a strong cell signal is vital. Here's how we get faste enough 4g to upload videos, have skype calls, and all the other business logistics:

How to Read and Clear the Check Engine Light on a Sprinter

Check engine lights are part of #Vanlife. Here is how to read and clear a check engine light on a Sprinter.

Espar D2 Diesel Heater Installation

The Espar D2 heater is the diesel powered heater we use to heat our van in frigid winter conditions. Here's how to install one:

Van Tour of Our Complete DIY Campervan Conversion

Our custom DIY camper van features 800+ watts of solar, a composting toilet, full size bed, custom cabinets, fully insulated and much more. Read more about the nitty gritty details here:

Installing Full-Body Plasti Dip on our DIY Camper Van Conversion

Plasti-dip is essentially a spray on vinyl wrap but is 10x cheaper. It's was a big job, but here's how we did it:

Building DIY Camper Van Cabinets

Building the cabinets & storage in our Camper Van was a huge challenge, especially since it was our first time. Although, not necessarily a in-depth tutorial, here is how we built them:

How to Build a Ceiling in a DIY Camper Van Conversion

The Ceiling in our van is made from an old fence, sealed, and attached to furring strips. Here's how we made and installed it:

How to Install Walls in a DIY Camper Van Conversion

The walls in our van is made from dry erase board so we ALWAYS have something to keep notes on. Here's how we installed it:

How to Install Insulation a DIY Camper Van Conversion

We insulated our van for both hot and cold weather with rigid foam and expanding foam insulation. Here's how we did it and why we chose what we did:

How to Install a Maxxair Roof Vent Fan in a DIY Camper Van Conversion

We have two Maxxair vent fans on our roof which can exchange all the air inside the van once every 20 seconds to keep us cool. Here's how we installed them:

How to Soundproof DIY Camper Van Conversion

Without soundproofing material, our van was like a tin can driving down the road. After… it was like a much quieter tin can. Here's how we installed it:

How to Remove the Door Panels in a Mercedes Sprinter

If you need to access the inner workings of your sprinter door for speaker installation or insulation, you'll have to remove the door panel. Here's how to do it:

How to Remove the Headliner in a Mercedes Sprinter

There is a huge open space behind the sprinter headliner that needs to have sound deadening applied and insulation attached. Here's how to remove the headliner:

How to Remove the Seats in a Mercedes Sprinter

You'll need to remove the seats in your sprinter to install swivel seats or acess the nice hidden ‘storage' area for, perhaps, a heater install. Here's how to remove them:

How to Prep the Floor for a DIY Camper Van Conversion

We took the stock floor of our van since it used to be a plumbing truck (that floor = gross). Here's how to remove it: