Maintenance 101: Changing Oil in a Sprinter Van

Maintenance 101: Changing Oil in a Sprinter Van Doing regular maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to ensure it will stay running for years and years. Of course, things will still wear out and break over the years, but if you stay on top of routine maintenance,...

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Van Maintenance 101: Service A and B Checklists

Routine Maintenance Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your Sprinter Van will keep it running longer. And luckily, many of the regular maintenance items are pretty easy to DIY so you don't end up paying a dealership outrageous prices. Below, we'll talk...

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Sprinter Maintenance: Replacing Shocks

Replacing Shocks on a 2007 Sprinter Van Our van has about 220,000 miles on it, and we are pretty sure the shocks are original to the van. So, it is time for an upgrade in suspension on our 2007 Sprinter! We replaced the front and rear shocks in this week's Sprinter...

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Troubleshooting Check Engine Light on a Sprinter

Throubleshooting Check Engine Light on a Sprinter It’s inevitable. When you live in a van (especially one that is 11 years old like ours), you will eventually run into engine problems. Troubleshooting the check engine light on a Sprinter is not easy, but we’ve had to...

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