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Hey! Nate from here… If you are on this page, I suspect you’ve likely got a question. GREAT! I really try to keep up with all of the questions I get asked from day-to-day about teaching people how to build DIY Campers. I know you are here looking for an email address, but I have several other ways for you to ask questions so that it is beneficial for the entire DIY camper building community. Here we go…

If you Have a Question:

If you have a question and you are not under a time crunch, please ask your question as a comment under ANY of the blog posts here on the website or on the Youtube Channel. I sit down for a few hours and answer ALL questions on both of these avenues once every week or two. But if you can’t wait a week or two… I have a private group that I am in every day M-F answering questions. It’s not a ‘live chat’ scenario, but I usually answer questions every morning and if I have time, throughout the day as well. You can find out more info about that here:

Need something else?

The above options seem to cover 99% of the email inquiries I get, but if your needs don’t fit into any of the above categories, you can email me at

Note: If you email me asking a question about solar or building campers, you will get a response like this:

Would you mind copy-pasting that question as a comment on one of my blog posts or youtube videos?  I think the community as a whole could benefit from that question and my answer.  I sit down and answer questions on the youtube channel and blog every/every-other Sunday, so I’ll likely get around to it this weekend or next.

If you need a faster or more in depth response, I have a private group set up where I’m answering specific questions like this and more on a daily (Monday-Friday) basis.  You can check out more info about that here: