DIY Camper Build Tutorials

How To Crimp MC4 Connectors

MC4 connectors are found on nearly every solar panel and if you are wanting to add solar panels to your camper, you’ll need to know how to wire these. Here’s a tutorial:

How To Crimp A Wire Ferrule

A wire ferrule is a simple way to finish off the end of stranded copper wire and prepare it to be used in a screw terminal like you’d find on a charge controller. Crimping a wire ferrule onto a stranded wire can turn a ugly, high resistance messy wire end into a neat and tidy, …

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How to Strip Wire

This blog post will teach you how to strip wire from 4/0 to 22 AWG. These are the most common sizes of wires you will encounter on your DIY camper project. Cutting 4/0 to 22 AWG wire is pretty straightforward. Before we get into the meat of the blog post, video I’ve made to show …

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