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After a week exploring Anchor Point, we were ready to hit the road and continue our exploration of the Kenai Peninsula.  Our ultimate goal was to get to Seward Alaska, but it was a long drive so we decided on a stopover.  On our way down the Seward Highway, we found a great little boondocking campsite on Peterson Lake.

Getting to the Boondocking Campsite on Peterson Lake

Initially, we thought this would be just another roadside turnout, as the description online was incomplete.  We followed the GPS coordinates listed, but again, they were incorrect.  We have corrected those and listed them below for your convenience.  Driving down the Sterling Highway, you will see a sign for Kelly Lake Campground.  Turn south onto this road.  Driving down the gravel road, you’ll come to a Y in the road.  Take the right turn and less than a quarter mile down this road will be the campsite.

Boondocking Peterson Lake Alaska

Coordinates to Peterson Lake Alaska

This campsite is essentially just a gravel parking lot; however, there are fire rings dotting the outside edge as well as a few picnic tables.  There were only two other cars when we pulled in, and just one of those was camping for the weekend in their RV.  After we set up for the night, only one other RV pulled in.  There was room for more, however it would have been difficult to turn around in our 38-footer if too many others had joined.  The parking lot was wide enough that with no one parked on the left side of us, we were able to make the turn without backing up.

Peterson Lake Boondocking

Our favorite part about this campsite was that it was on a beautiful lake.  The lake was warm, too, and we immediately pulled out our kayaks and lifejackets and started practicing our rolling skills.  That was the first time since we bought the kayaks that we had come across warm enough water to voluntarily get wet!

Peterson Lake Boondocking

Kayaking on the surprisingly warm Peterson Lake

Peterson Lake Boondocking

I think there’s something wrong here… 😉

Although there were many downed trees when we camped at Peterson Lake, they were freshly fallen and still very green and wet.  Starting a campfire was difficult and we weren’t able to get enough of a fire going to cook anything but marshmallows (although I’m not complaining about that).  That said, later in the year or even next year those trees will be perfect for campfires!

This was a great boondocking campsite for a stopover or even for a weekend of fun on the lake.  Had we not planned to drive into Seward the following day, we might have stayed a bit longer.  We did have AT&T 4G signal with 3 bars at this boondocking campsite, so we were able to check emails and stay up to date on our social media.

Peterson Lake Boondocking

Beautiful lake to camp on for the night or for a weekend!

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