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Free Dispersed Campsite near Bryce Canyon National Park

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Free Dispersed Campsite near Bryce Canyon National Park


Coordinates: 37.658126, -112.167872

Main Attraction: Incredibly close proximity to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Update: August 2020 – This campsite is either temporarily or permanently unavailable as are many in the area due to overuse and abuse. Please plan accordingly.

We were a bit worried about finding a good campsite for boondocking near Bryce Canyon National Park because there was not much in the way of BLM land surrounding the park.  We got onto our go-to website,, to see what the area had to offer.

We were surprised that there were actually several dispersed campsites around Bryce Canyon National Park that were located in National Forest land.   We found a pretty stellar campsite!


Free Dispersed Camping Near Bryce Canyon

Less than a half-mile away from the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park, we scored big time on this boondocking campsite!

There were plenty of RV parks in the (ahem, very gimmicky) town of Bryce Canyon City, but why pay to park your RV when you can camp on free public land with no neighbors on top of you?

Of course, sometimes RV Parks are necessary, but for the most part, we choose dry camping/boondocking as often as possible.  Anyway, back to the beautiful campsite!

Be sure to always practice Leave No Trace principles when using these campsites and respect the nature around you. 

Free Campsites near Bryce Canyon National Park

Fire Road 090 is just 100ft north of the ‘Welcome to Bryce Canyon National Park’ sign on Highway 63, about a mile north of the actual entry gates and pay station.  The road will be on the west side of the Highway (and may be unmarked until you get further down the road, there is a cattleguard about 100yds down this road).  This campsite is actually CLOSER to the national park then the RV parks, so major bonus!  The Fire Road has several campsites all up and down it, as well as on the other Fire Roads that branch off of it.  So you shouldn’t have any issue finding somewhere to pull in.  The campsite we found was actually the second one you come to (we passed up the first for being too small for our rig).  It’s wide open and backs up to a big beautiful hill.

During your visit to Bryce Canyon National Park, check out Fairlyland Loop for some great hiking!

Finding a beautiful spot like this for boondocking near Bryce Canyon National Park seemed like we hit a jackpot, especially during National Park Week.  There were several other campsites, but they were well-spaced and we never even heard any of our neighbors the whole time we camped there.  There were also very few cars coming up and down the road, so it was very quiet in general.   During the day, we left the door open so the dogs could come and go as they pleased, and they never got out of our sight-range and verbal range.  They certainly enjoyed the freedom to sniff around and lay in the sun!

Free Campsites near Bryce Canyon National Park

Want to know how we find these awesome campsites? Check out our video on How to Find Free Campsites!

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