Alaska or BUST!

Alaska or BUST!

As many of you know, we are making our way up to Alaska this summer. We have both always wanted to visit Alaska, and now is the perfect time! Our original plan was to go out to California and then head up the west coast. However, as we got further into our planning, we realized that we would be rushing though the west coast in order to make it to Alaska on schedule. And since the west coast is too gorgeous to rush through, we quickly nixed that idea.

Alaska Road Trip

We are excited about the beautiful scenery on our road trip!

So after much deliberation (okay, not really much), we decided to cut straight north from Zion National Park. Our new route will take us up through Idaho, Montana, Alberta, then west through British Columbia and Yukon, and finally to Alaska. We plan to be in Alaska for the entire month of July at the least!  After Alaska, we will spend a few months coming back south via the west coast, so we can enjoy the scenery and not feel rushed.

We are planning on going to Glacier National Park in Montana and Banff in Canada, but other than that, we aren't really sure what is in the western part of Canada to see. So if you happen to have some ideas, let us know!

Here is our route with approximate dates. If you are going to be in the area and want to stop by for an adventure, let us know! We love to hang out with friends, family, and fans while we are traveling. (Note that routes and dates are subject to change; this is an adventure after all!)

Alaska Road Trip

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  1. Kirk

    Were heading to Alaska about the same time also
    Going to Overland Expo in AZ then bouncing around CO, to RMNP cutting over to Yellowstone, then Glacier crossing the border above Glacier, head to Banff and on to Fairbanks With side trips and as much dirt roads as possible.
    Look for a Toyota Tacoma being followed by a Land Cruiser with an off road trailer.


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