Adventure Travel Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Adventure Travel Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Do you have some adventurers in your life that are always hard to shop for? We've got you covered. You can't go wrong with these gift ideas, all under $25. 

Great Gifts for Adventurers Under $25

For part two of our Holiday Gift Guide for Adventurers, we are jumping into the under $25 section. Honestly, there are so many great products that fall in the under $25 range, it was hard picking just a few for this post. Adventurers are notorious for needing tons of little parts to make their lives easier, whether that be a headlamp or another Nalgene (if they're anything like Steph, who loses water bottles on the regular). So while these gifts may not seem like something to get amped over, your adventurer in your life will love to receive any of these items.

Nalgene Water Bottle $10

BPA Free, near-indestructible, and leak proof. What more do you need from a water bottle? Oh, and we much prefer the wide mouth version. If you have someone on your shopping list who loses water bottles more often than you lose your keys, they'll be thankful to have a spare Nalgene handy for the next time their bottle finds its way into someone else's bag or gets left on the airplane.

Farm to Feet Merino Wool Socks $24

If you want a unique treat for the adventurer on your holiday gift list, look no further than Farm to Feet socks. This is one pair of socks they'll be jumping for joy to be gifted this year. You know we are big fans of Merino wool for its anti-stink (yeah, that's a technical term) properties. These socks from Farm to Feet are just that and they do a GREAT job at it. We wear our Luna sandals during most of our adventures, but when conditions call for closed toed shoes, we only wear Farm to Feet socks.

Headlamp $20

Ever notice that in our videos when we talk about safety we always mention multiple light sources? Always be prepared to be out after dark. These headlamps are small and pack a punch. They live in our daypacks. We also keep a set by our door for any kind of middle of the night usage or even roadside repairs. These are a great gift for any type of adventurer. 

Icebreaker Neck Gaiter $24.95

 We use these in both hot and cold weather. This one is Merino wool, so it's breathabe and anti-microbial (so it doesn't start stinking after mild use). In the summer, we use these for dust and sun protection. In the winter, we use for cold exposure protection. Either way, we always have one handy.

GoPro Accessory Bundle $20

We know that the ability to create “frankenstein” GoPro attachments is all part of the fun of filming with a GoPro. This accessory kit has a GREAT start of random bits a pieces to make those tricky compositions work. Note: please tether your gopro with something sturdy to back-up the mount! Trust us!

Sawyer Mini Water Filter $20

Having access to clean water at all times is an absolute must. We keep one of these in our packs on our water bladders at all times. Sure, the obvious use is the ever-dramatic “lost in the woods” scenario, but we have used it more in 3rd world countries as well as areas of questionable water quality here in the States. The great part about these? They are in-line on your water bladder, so you don't have to pump water through a filter or wait for it to drip. Just drink as usual from your water bladder. 

Universal Travel Adapter $22

Do you have an international traveler on your holiday list? A universal travel adapter is never a bad idea and is always handy to have around for those spontaneous last minute trips. This travel adapter converts European, UK, AUS, and US plugs so they can be used interchangeably. It also has USB charging ports, which is awesome for charging cell phones and cameras easily.

Utility Carabiners $10

You know what adventurers can never have enough of? Carabiners. While it may seem like a silly gift to some, we can think of several people (ourselves included) that would always enjoy receiving some useful carabiners. These are a happy medium between expensive climbing carabiners, and the cheap-y ones we find at gas stations that never hold up. They are designed for hanging hammocks so they are strong enough that they wont break under typical use. We can never have too many utility carabiners laying around. Note: These are NOT designed to support climbing activities.

Quick Dry Towel $20

Another gift for adventurers that is very useful across many different activities: a quick dry towel. It rolls up smaller than your Nalgene water bottle and is easy to stuff in your pack and go: to the beach, hiking, climbing for the day – wherever you are going. The fact we can hand wash them, hang them up overnight to dry, and be able to stick them in our packs the next morning FULLY dry is the reason we always bring them along.

Trew Hard Working Hoodie $20

You saw us wearing these hoodies the entire time we were building our campervan, right? For good reason. They are tough and they are comfortable. This isn't a baggy fit hoodie. It fits pretty close to what I would expect from a company who specializes in technical outerwear, slim, trim, and athletic. I honestly can't believe this is for sale for under $25… but it is… Get one for every adventurer on your list while you can! 

Note: Regular price on the Trew Hard Working Hoodie is $75. It is worth every penny of that, but since it has been on sale for a few months now, we included it in the Under $25 section.

Gifts for Adventure Travelers

While it was difficult to narrow down our favorite gear and gadgets, we did it! So there are our top 10 best gifts for adventurers this year. This was the second installment of our Holiday Gift Guides. Did you miss part one, Free Gifts for Adventurers? Check it out HERE! And be sure to subscribe below so you don't miss out on the next guide, gifts for adventurers between $25 and $50. 

Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means we make a small commission off of any purchases made through those links. These commissions in no way affect our opinions of these products. 



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