How to Wire the AC Side of your Camper Van

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Darn! You’ve stumbled across a placeholder for a tutorial I’m not quite finished with. If you’re not yet, you should consider subscribing (little bubble in the bottom right on this page) and I’ll email you and let you know when It’s all finished up. Sorry about that!


6 thoughts on “How to Wire the AC Side of your Camper Van”

  1. Hey Nate! I know this isn’t finished yet, but I was using your affiliate links to purchase items on the AC side of my install. Mainly the breakers and all of yours seem to be out of stock. Could you please recommend some that are in stock? I would love for you guys to get the affiliate credit! Also, the wiring you have set up on your diagrams, is that specific to GFCI outlets? I plan on doing a couple of GFCI outlets, but I also planned on doing one that was not (110v with USB). Please let me know when you can. Thank you!

    1. For the AC side of things, there will be a few changes coming up to streamline the process. I’ll be teaching how to install this power distribution center ( so you can use more ‘normal’ breakers. That blog post should be out by next week; and the video out within 3 weeks.

      The wiring is not set up specifically to GFCI.

      1. Hi Nate,

        Thanks for all the great info. I will be looking forward to the post and the video for this as I just bought everything you recommend for the 900w 400ah system. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Nate, How different would it be to wire up the distribution channel you have listed above vs the one you have video about? I am getting ready to start this and wondering if you have any pictures/video to share. Thank you for all the efforts you have put into this. I just bought the system through your affiliate link and look forward to building my system.

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